About Canopy

Canopy Camping Escapes was launched in 2012 by Liz Henderson and Sonia Minnaar. Keen to go camping, but put off by the hassle, garage-loads of gear and a couple of bad experiences with deflating airbeds, they decided there had to be a better way. After a bit of research, they discovered there was! It was called 'glamping'.

Glamping, or glamourous camping, is a trend sweeping the world. It has all the upsides of camping, with less of the downsides. A luxury canvas tent is there, waiting for you, and everything you need is all set up. There’s no one else around. And here’s the glamourous part: you’ve got hot water, decent loos, comfy beds, and warmth.

If that sounds nice, that’s because it is. Very nice.

We want glamping to become the next big thing in kiwi holidays, so Canopy Camping is partnering with landowners to create a network of luxury campsites across New Zealand. Each offer something different and unique. You have access to secluded spots on private land – something unavailable to the average camper.

Think about it. You’re with your partner, with family or friends, surrounded by nature. You’re sleeping in a comfortable bed under a starry sky. Perhaps a night bird whistles somewhere in the distance ... waves crash on the shore ...

So get away from it all, unplug, unwind, get back to basics, reconnect with family or friends, create memories…

Go glamping! Find a glamping site today.