About Canopy

We’re two friends (Liz Henderson and Sonia Minnaar), who back in 2012, started Canopy Camping Escapes to solve a problem.

We wanted to escape with our families - somewhere unique and outdoorsy. We loved the idea of arriving at a beautiful location with a luxury canvas tent, fully set up and waiting. Somewhere private and secluded. A place, where even though it’s in the middle of nowhere, has hot water, decent loos, comfy beds, and warmth.

That sparked an idea, and since then, Canopy Camping Escapes has gradually curated a collection of special places of the glamping kind, all lovely, and all off the beaten track. Our collection includes beautiful tents surrounded by nature, quirky cabins with packets of personality and secret hideaways that offer something completely and utterly unique.

All our places are handpicked. We do the hunting for you. We seek out special places, and in many cases we work with our hosts to create them. Our places range from super luxurious - to simple and rustic. In every case, they have a little bit of magic, a certain charm and an unsurpassed connection to nature.

Think about it. You’re with your partner, family or friends, surrounded by nature. You’re sleeping in a comfortable bed under a starry sky. A night bird whistles somewhere in the distance... waves crash on the shore... a wood-fire crackles and glows in the corner.

So get away from it all… unplug, unwind, get back to basics, reconnect with family or friends, create memories… Go glamping!

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